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Magic Bomb
Magic Bomb

Magic Bomb

A multi circuit board with five, mainly reel-slot-games and an particular risk-game - the penalty shoot-out - beautiful graphics, different jackpots and other features

The player can select following games:

  • Magic Bomb as main-game
  • Lottery
  • Slot Mashine
  • Soccer (penalty schooting) as autonomous game
  • Furtune 9000 (mussel-game)

Magic Bomb

Magic Bomb

The Lottery game

The slot Mahine, with two jackpots

Magic Bomb

Magic Bomb

The main game is the Magic Bomb game including two adjustable jackpots

With the mussel-game, you choose a mussel, either you get a profit or a blank in form of a skull

Multi Magic

Magic Bomb

In the risk-game, you always have the penalty shoot-out with all games

The penalty shoot-out, as autonomous risk-game

The adjustments of the circuit board are extensive. A direct Hopper connection is possible.
The circuit board has a six button keyboard and can also be delivered from us as complete Kit.

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