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Slot-Game Dragon Slayer
Spiel Dragon Slayer 002
Dragon Slayer

A new Game of company Astro.
A 5-Reel-Slot-Game with super grafic and VGA - Connector.
New Feature and Bonus-Games and.......

The Game Dragon Slayer is an allring 5-reels, 9-line game, with 5 different Bonus-Games.
With autoplay and other adjustments.
It can be played only over 6 buttons.

Spiel Dragon Slayer 004

  • Jackpot 1: beholder
  • Jackpot 2: Lizard
  • with new symbols
  • Bonus Games
  • Double up Feature
  • Odds Table



Spiel Dragon Slayer 006

Spiel Dragon Slayer 007



Spiel Dragon Slayer 008

Spiel Dragon Slayer 011

We can deliver this slot-game with our connection adapter and a keyboard with 6 buttons.

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